Enable remote management
of your livestock facility

Start with reliable connectivity and enable smart devices across your enterprise

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Unleash the power of connectivity at the barn level

From veterinarians to production employees to accounting - now everyone can ask questions of the swine facility. Turn those insights into action and unlock enterprise-wide value.

Connect with Distynct

Cost-effective, reliable connectivity from a single source with the flexibility to build as more questions are asked of the barn or its contents.

Optimize Labor

Go where you are needed, when you are needed. Set customizable alerts to notify staff via text, email, and mobile app notifications.

Create Confidence

From biosecurity monitoring to manure management - monitor critical metrics to create confidence your assets and employees are safe.

Lower Operating Expenses

Benchmark across your enterprise to identify labor and variable cost outliers to drive continuous
process improvement.

Stay in control of your barn and respond faster with reliable monitoring

With Distynct, your team can proactively manage your assets. Now, you know what is going on in all of your barns and can create confidence across your enterprise.

More Features

How it works


Install the
Distynct Gateway

Our network enabled gateway takes care of the Internet for you. With powerful edge computing power onboard, the Distynct gateway creates a base to add precision technology now and into the future.


Connect New and Existing Devices

Need to enable the remote capability of your barn controller? Want to try a new sensor technology, but lack reliable Internet to connect? Connect any type and any number of devices.


Setup Your Online Enterprise

Quickly invite your team into the platform. Set permission levels, establish customizable alerts, and integrate data flow into your internal software systems with Distynct's open architecture.

Learn More

Multi-tenant, customizable dashboard

Distynct brings the most relevant barn information to you based on your responsibilities. Easily filter and view critical metrics for your barns with the Distynct Dashboard landing page.

Drill down to gain
more context

One-click access to detailed information about each barn. View daily changes, historical graphs, barn specific alerts and messages sent from your team. Spot trends and respond proactively.

Customize alerts to direct your team

Set thresholds for notifications and assign who to inform. Text, email, & phone call notifications can alert users in the event of a problem at the barn.

Generate reports and export data for deeper analysis

Select from one of our many template reports for quick team meetings or export raw data into an existing internal system for deep analysis.

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