Meet the Team

Executing on our mission requires a driven, diversified, and talented team. Our team has over 50 years of combined software development experience, nearly 50 years of experience deploying precision agriculture solutions with the leading technology companies in the row crop industry, and nearly a decade of experience in the animal health industry. We value hustle, ambition, creativity, and a knack for problem solving.

BJ Brugman

Co-Founder, CEO

Thomas Hornbeck

Co-Founder, CTO

Brian Carr

Director of Engineering

Justin Van Wert

Director of Sales

Duy Huynh

Engineering Lead/Data Scientist

Tien Du

Senior Software Engineer

Bailey Nguyen

Lead Product Engineer

Tien Anh Dang

UI/UX Designer

Mike Navel

Director of Business Development

About Distynct

Distynct enables precision livestock farming and monitoring of swine facilities through single-source, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity.

Nearly all of the swine facilities in the USA lack reliable network connectivity. Distynct delivers connectivity and the ability to ask important questions of the facility via state of the art sensor technology.

A consistent complaint across large swine production systems is the inability to proactively manage two of their most valuable assets, their team of people and their pigs. The lack of visibility to even basic barn conditions such as temperature, humidity, water consumption, manure pit levels, feed availability, and even worker presence create ambiguity, uncertainty, and ultimately requires the enterprise to continuously respond to urgent and important events vs. proactively managing.  Our innovative solutions bring reliable connectivity to rural swine facilities and establishes a foundation to connect devices, collect data, and turn that data into actionable insights for the enterprise. Through our online and mobile dashboard, Distynct helps to direct traffic of the swine enterprise team and ultimately establish a benchmark of data across the system for process improvement and identification of variable cost outliers.

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