Introducing Distynct Smart Alarms

Protect your business with reliable and accurate real-time alerts powered by field-proven, smart sensor technologies. Rest assured as we watch over your barns 24/7/365.

Powerful alarms tothe rescue

Distynct’s smart alarms supports real-time alerts directly to your organization.  Know immediately when there are  power outages, temperature anomalies, water pressure issues, feed outages, curtain problems, and more.

Customize how your team gets alerted

Create a custom call order, and select preferences for receiving alerts either via SMS or through an automated phone call.  Our alarm control center puts you in charge to fit the needs of your organization.

Easy to manage and  configure

Easily change thresholds for alarm sensitivity to fit your needs.  Advanced control gives you the freedom to dicate how often you want to be notified of an incidence.

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