Data-Fueled Decisions

Our easy to use solution not only enables data collection of the barn environment and its contents, but surfaces actionable insights via the Distynct Dashboard.


Save valuable time and increase confidence in your data by replacing manual collection with sensor technology.


Gone are the days of information that hangs on a clipboard and never makes it out of the barn. Access information in real-time, from anywhere.


Data is useless if we stop at the point of collection. Use the Distynct Dashboard to view historical trends, identify outliers to benchmark across the enterprise, and direct your team based off customized alerts.


All sensor data is encrypted using SSL certificate. Two-factor authentication and role-based access ensure your data is safe.


Not only is all site data consolidated into our user-friendly Distynct Dashboard, but our open architecture allows for seamless data flow in and out of the system.


No single sensor, metric or data point tells the full story.  Layer key metrics together to help paint the full picture of what's happening at the site.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have existing Internet at my site to use Distynct?

No Internet, no problem! Distynct will bring Internet to the site. We use a cellular-enabled gateway boosted with an antenna to get connectivity to your site.

Can I connect my own devices?

Yes. If you have existing devices on-site (i.e. control systems) that you would like to enable remote capability of, we can connect them with Distynct.

Are there limitations to which devices I can connect?

No.  Our approach to technology is to be open to any type and number of devices.

What happens if new technology comes out in the future that I want to connect?

We recognize that precision technology innovation is growing rapidly and at Distynct, we encourage that! We want to be the base connectivity solution for technology today and into the future. Combining the computing power and modular design of our gateway, we can continue to maximize your investment in connectivity by adding new technology as it becomes available.

Can Distynct integrate with 3rd parties?

Yes. On the hardware side, Distynct will provide connectivity for 3rd-party devices. With an open platform approach to software, we will help you consolidate data sources of internal enterprise systems and 3rd-parties through API's.

Is my data secure and who has access to it?

Data security is Distynct’s number one priority.  First and foremost, the data gathered through the Distynct starter-kit and uploaded to the Distynct Dashboard is owned by you, the customer. You choose who has access to the data available in the Distynct Dashboard and can set management levels to ensure data can be controlled.   

Distynct does aggregate and anonymize the data to understand how the Distynct Dashboard is being used and to use for product improvement.  

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