How It Works

Step 1

Establish Connectivity

Your precision technology journey starts with reliable network connectivity. Distynct's Connectivity Starter Kit includes all the essentials to start connecting devices and tracking key metrics in the barn. Our proven cellular-enabled gateway includes edge computing capability to package data and transmit securely to the cloud.

Step 2

Connect Devices

A large variety of IoT sensors and devices are available for swine producers. Have existing in-barn devices that need a connection? Interested in choosing from our à la carte menu of field-tested IoT devices? Do you have a question of the facility or its contents and not sure how to answer it? Distynct's hardware agnostic solution allows you to add any type or number of devices for data collection.

Step 3

Secure & Send the Data

Data is collected from connected devices, packaged into manageable data files, and securely transmitted to the cloud. All data packets are secured in transit using industry standard SSL encryption to prevent unauthorized users from intercepting your organization's data.

Step 4

Turn Data Into Insights

Data transmitted from the site to the cloud is then displayed in our multi-tenant, user-friendly Distynct Dashboard. Simply add your team members, set permission levels, create custom alerts, view historical trends, and benchmark in geographical areas or across the enterprise.

Step 5

Share Data

Data can easily be exported in our templated reports or imported into internal systems for deeper analysis and integration. We also have an open platform to pull-in or push-out data via API to consolidate your data sources into one user-friendly dashboard.

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